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Some headlines from Turkish Front

Last week we had been witnessed major scale political events concerning Turkish Republic.
I will try to summarize last week’s events in a kind of chronical and importance plan and take a look at to the big picture from there.
The main stream of my questions is: – What is going on Turkish Front? -Timing of events and the famous question -Who benefits? CUI BONO?
November 24, 2016
– Syrian Air Force kills 4 Turkish soldiers in east Aleppo, 9 wounded. The Turkish regime accused the Syrian Air Force of killing three of their soldiers in the eastern countryside of the Aleppo Governorate, Al- Bab on Thursday. Later in the hospital one of the wounded soldiers lost his life. According to a statement released by the Turkish Armed Forces, the Syrian Air Force was conducting airstrikes near the ISIS controlled key town of Al-Bab, when one of their bombs hit Turkish military positions in the area.
Turkish Military base in Syria, Al-Bab is being attacked by two jets around 03.15 am. (1)
– The Syrian military is denying that the Syrian air force carried out the air strike on the Turkish troops. (2)
– The Turkish Military operation of Euphrates Shield is ongoing since 20 August 2016, just after the attempted coup d’état at 15thof July (3)
– The Chiefs of Staff of the Russian and Turkish militaries have met twice since September, once in Ankara and once in Moscow. (4)
First anniversary date for the tragic event of Turkey shoots down Russian warplane on Syria border (5)
An explosion killed two people and wounded more than a dozen outside the governor’s office in the southern Turkish city of Adana, after US warning of terror attacks (6)
European Parliament to freeze negotiations with the Turkish Republic. (7)
– Turkish minister blasts EU body for vote on membership talks (8)
November 23, 2016
– Turkey will chair the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Energy Club in 2017, being the first non-SCO country to do so. The nomination came after officials from Russia and China gave a green light to Ankara after President Erdoğan pointed to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as Turkey’s alternative to the European Union. (9)
– Discussions are underway in Turkey over the country’s prospects of becoming a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). (10)
– Following the rise of conservative populist movements in much of Europe and the United States, Turkey is reconsidering its long-term bid to join the European Union. Speaking to reporters this week, Turkish – President Erdogan said the so-called Brexit vote alongside the rise of those conservative voices and a long-delayed application for access to the EU gives the country momentum to consider other options. (11)
November 22, 2016
– Turkey is looking into joining a Chinese- and Russian-led alliance known as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. NATO’s second-largest military power is threatening a dramatic pivot to Russia and China (12)
November 20, 2016
– Turkey could join bloc with Russia and China instead of EU, President Erdogan says (13)
November 21, 2016
– Erdogan Threatens To Leave NATO, Join Shanghai Cooperation Organization (14)
November 25, 2016
– Erdogan threatens to tear up refugee agreement; creates crisis for Angela Merkel . Erdogan’s threat to flood Europe with refugees if the EU follows through with the European Parliament’s resolution to freeze Turkey’s EU accession (15)
November 26, 2016
– Explosions in YPG’s Terror Camp – Al-Hasakah, Syria. Some mysterious and big explosions reported in YPG’s terror camp in Al-Hasakah, near Turkish border. USA, British and French soldiers were also stationed in this camp to support the terrorist group against Turkish Army and also encouraging them to steal some lands from Syria and establish a USA/EU/Israel puppet state to be called kurdistan. Several casualties and seriously wounded terrorist/western soldiers were reported, but it will take some time for an exact number of deaths and wounded. (16)
Sep 10, 2016 – Turkey Should Leave NATO and Join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (17)
July 20, 2016 – Turkey must quit NATO – head of Duma defense committee. (18)
August 10, 2016 – Turkey warns it could LEAVE NATO because of a ‘lack of support by the West’ as the country forms close ties with Russia (19)
December 1, 2015 – It is possible that Turkey will leave NATO altogether (20)
October 11, 2016 – US jets painted in Russian colors. The photos of the US jets were posted by a Canadian journalist Christian Borys . Although, The US and other militaries are known for using aggressor squadrons, which act as opposing forces in military war games. In addition to being painted in an adversary’s colors, they also use enemy tactics to provide realistic simulations of air combat. But this can be used for a “false flag” operation as well. (21)
Now, the question is who attacked the Turkish base in Syria?
Syria? Russia? Iran? USA?
It is certain that “some” are very disturbed that Turkish Republic is changing axes and turning its face from AND/EU/ NATO/ Atlantic towards to Eurasia. NATO benefits more from having Turkey as a member than does Turkey from being in NATO.
Some “alternative” media is writing that the Turks are lying about the air strike to Turkish military camp et El Baab. This gives Turks the pretext to attack Syria. They are expecting a clash between Turkish and Syrian army. But this is already Atlantics scenario that we are trying to avoid at all prices.
How come they go on fuel this dirty scenario? Never seeing Turkish Republic’s positions objectively. Is it ideological blindness?
November 26 ,2016 – So far, as today 18 Turkish soldiers killed in Syria as part of the « Operation Euphrates Shield »
We, all countries of citizens, we are all in the same boat. We have to save ourselves, our children, the future of our planet and nature from those greedy corporation and oligarchs and a very few “world’s master’s. So there is no need to take sides and sprouting wrong judgments on other countries and people.
It is true that during the Great Middle East project, some outsiders, big powers made political changes in Turkey with the help of collaborator traitors within. Politicians, journalists, and businessman some army ranks, policeman. The ruling AKP and illegally President (he has no university diploma which is necessary to be elected) produced by “elit powers “ and thanks to rigged elections , they have succeed most of their masters plans to destroy Turkish republics principals and served at Great Middle east Project. The reshaping of Middle East.
Turkish Republic had been a hub for all the traffics of terrorist, arms and money during the Syrian war. On the top of this giving health service in the hospitals to the terrorists and even train them in some private military camps, transporting money and terrorists with the state airline company.
But things are changed now. All the staff “collaborator traitors” were backed up by different powers. Now they are fighting each other and ready to destroy one other. As the world is in crisis of unipolar to multipolar movement nowadays, power balances are changing. So the actors of the Turkish politics are on the way to change. Turkey is still living big crises in but not anymore is a total slave of his masters. Saw the other possibilities and trying to manage better politics. Nothing is done yet but as being a geopolitics center Turkish Republic understood its value and wants to get rid of the dirty politicians. I wish that peace will come soon to the earth that we need so much.
November 26, 2016

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