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Jamouli to Dr David Leffler on IDT ( Invincible Defense Technology ) : Complexity against Reductionism

this article is a critical review nof a previous article by David Leffler : A New Counter-terrorism Strategy that Works

The complexity of Human behaviour to understand and control

To get inside the minds of the terrorists, or our classified enemies, we have to know these people from the inside; live with them, know their language, their values, their believes, their faith, their history, their psychology, their trauma, their behavioural pattern (as a tribe)… We need also to have a deep insight into human psychology and psychoanalyse black box of existentialist conflicts, violence and trauma of a human mind and their interaction with their environment and we need insight in the prey – predator ecological ecosystem with surge and equilibrium.

It’s not enough to be a scholar background with lots of references, and the new paradigm of complexity and chaos, or even statistical inference algorithmic results. Even sophistical methods coming from the fields of « quantum unified field theory » is not sufficient to understand and worse to control the successive bifurcations of chaos.

How can string theory, the boson of Higgs and even cosmology be a solution? You can never transfer equations and laws from atoms to humans. This is why the new-conservative and think tanks staff of Bush got it all wrong with catastrophic outcome in their fantasy paradigm of controlling chaos.

I have been a scientific academic for 5 years in the field of complexity and chaos (cellular automata, genetic algorithm, fractals ..) and quantum physic  to tell you that you can’t translate the simplicity of physical word to the complexity of human interaction. Boltzmann and Brownian motion can be applied to gas because all atoms behave the same !!! Human are complex by their history, their beliefs, their Markovian stochastic interactions. They are unique even in a community destiny. There are more than a billion Muslim with a great diversity to reduce to a groups with define behavioural path like we doing with materials or even behavioral animals.

It’ impossible to apply mathematical stuff to social science. We all know what is known the « Sokkal affair » that proved that all the movement of Post modern French’s (Lyotard, Foucault, Deleuze, Derrida …), who wanted to apply complexity and chaos to a new paradigm of philosophy, is a fake (see my video talk with Brikmont)

The roots of the conflit

Let’s see a historical root for this conflict. In the history of the west and the Islamic world relations, there were conflicts starting from the crusades to the colonisation by the French in Noth Africa and the British in the Middle East.

Back in the sixties, there were a great movement of decolonisation and the Arab world was mainly involvement in the economic development of it’s citizen, there were not hate, no conflict and lots of economic relationship. America was the paradise and the dream for young Arab people like me in the sixties fed by the Hollywood seduction of Greta Garbo, Elvis, James Dean, the Beach Boys…  and the Wild West…

Remember in the sixties there has never been a hate or any Islamic threat. It started with two issues that backfire:

– The creation of Israel in 48 and annexing of the west bank in 68 and the last war against Hizb allah in 2006 which has devastated the faith of Israel in it’s force and existence.

– The invasion of Iraq for lies of imminent threat to America and the world with arms of destruction. A lie recognised lately in England and by Blair Himself. But this lie cost more than a million death and destruction in endless civil war … What is the moral responsibility of the West in this tragedy?

The « Arab Spring » is a formidable attempt of Arab Word to get rid of dictatorship, mainly created and maintained by the West to control the energy sources and market. The Arab youth voted for moderate Islam parties not from religious belief but from beliefs of freedom in the western word. They hate their dictators and not the West ! The movement in the beginning was spontaneous from Tunis to Cairo. Then the West intervenes to create chaos that backfires by the immigration flood to Europe and terrorism activity in the soil of Europe. They never expected the backfire because they rely on the politics of military safety and never peace.

The obsession of military safety

You can never stop or even dream of « Preventing Enemies from Arising ». This is a great lesson from biological wild life and biological warfare too. When you try to eradicate a virus, a new one will arise always more agressif ! Israel has understood this with the war on Lebanon. The « last virus » of Hizb Allah came from the destruction of Lebanon. It has now no solution at all ! They misused force to bombard Lebanon and occupy West bank. They thought Force will always be in their side for eternity. There is no such a foolish stuff as the End of History! This is le lesson from history, so Peace now or never!

Control is an occidental Cartesian fantasy that started with Cartesian thought; that we can dismantle complexity in finite element simplicity (like Ford did in industrial plant) … they forget the complex links with the elements. The whole is not the sum of its parts . They are missing the energy of links like Einstein default mass in the fission process which translate into explosif energy outburst.

Order and Control are a fantasy of the West. We want to control everything, every thought and every private life with technology of Big data. George Wells « 1984 » and « Animal Farm » are now our day life in the West.

The story of the West with violence is grounded deep in its Hollywood culture of cowboy , marines and CIA heroes and goes far from the extermination of the Indians by the conquistadors, to the black slavery, the Russian reds, the yellow China and now the green Muslims.

Our mental of military safety is based in the ancestral believe that our enemies are barbarian! All the policies talks about fear to control the electoral outcome.  Te discourse is always the same: We have to eradicate them to give safety to our people even if we have to conceive, create and maintain a Frankenstein (ISIS), even if we have to kill (indirectly) millions of people and after be astonished that so many Childs martyrs hate us. We are feeding new generations of potential haters and we are not aware of this.

The problem of terrorism is not in the outside mind but in the inside thought; the greed of financial and military industrial to get involved with violence in the Middle East to control the energy America depend on. The people will follow whatever the medias of fear will tell them.

There is and there will never be a MILITARY solution that gives us efficient safety (the reliability can never be 100%). We need only 0.0001% to have a terrorism plot. You can’t control everything in our democratic life … all the power station, the airport, the schools, the chemical plant, the Leisure centers,  ..)  and no real peace … Only peace can bring you total safety … but to have peace, you have to understand that the mind that brought this problem cannot give a solution since it was the root of this problem.

The true satanic though is in Saudi Arabia

The involvement of Saudi Arabia, a strategic ally of US, which has infected these young people’s mind, lots of them uneducated and unemployed, to kill and get killed in the name of Allah. It started with El Qaida, created to go after the USSR till ISIS and Anosra to go after Syria …

The question; how can a democracy like America sleep with a barbarian state like the Saudis, that does not alloy woman to drive and decapitate for homosexuality and adultery ? And then talks about democracy. You have to be credible to be trusted and Iran always said that America is not consistent with it’s values. How can you then treat Iran as a major threat to the security of America? This is insane and show a tragic misunderstanding of the civilisation of Persia. America has to see its own interest, its own citizen that are the tax payers, and not go insane with the interest and lobby of Israel. Hillary promise to eradicate Iran if she is elected president ; This is insane for America !

Remember the 19 terrorists of 9/11 are ALL Saudis but we never invaded Saudi Arabia but Iraq killing more than a million people and living this country in a chaotic civil war. Why this tragic policy? How can you think that it will not backfire one day ?. The question is just when and where and we can do nothing about it in a classical warfare or any biased ideological intelligence.

Stop dealing with the barabarian Saudis Arabia and you will stop fanatic’s breed of monster.  We don’t need bloody petrol. We have all the genius of our scientist to solve the energy issue and get out of hell : the middle east ! Don’t help terrorist and then cry when they backfires at us because bedouin have treason in their blood ! Just do not feed them and they will die out because they have no future with their strategy of terror. In Iraq and Syria, they are fought by the locals. Help Assad fight them unsteady of fighting him for hypocrite reason of dictatorship. What about the other disctatorship like Jordany, Maroc, Qatar, Abou Dhabi, The Imarat ? Why are we helping them to hide their human rights record, their record with women and homphobiya ? Petrol cannot buy the greatness of Amercia ! This is a shame !

They are the one who infect the mind, pay for the military assistance of Daech !!! You can never control really theses people. They can backfire at their creator … They are the devil with the veils of the divinity

The solutions are there:

– give a fair solution to the Palestinian tragedy but not yielding to the Israeli lobby in America. Occupying a country can never be a safe haven for the Israeli and for the futur of their own children. We are living hell for the next generation while they deserve peace !

– put your power in peace by helping the middle east to reconstruct their future if you don’t want hate to  be there for a century … this is a true opportunity for a new Marshal Plan that will give work for the corporate America in the construction and not the destruction. This will show that America is a great nation and not Satan. America has a morla debt toward these people.

The question why destroy Syria ? Is it because of the monster of Assad? We are not so dam stupid to believe in this. Assad is restoring order in his country invaded by Islamic barbarian terrorism!  … The true reason for destroying Syria:

1- It started with the defeat of Israel in 2006 by hazb allah They then conceived a Machiavelli plan ; to destroy Hazb Allah by going after it’s support ; Syria and latter Iran …

2- The pipe line of Petrol and gas

3- The arm deals sale of billions of $ tht goes in the pocket of private security companies and the military industrial complexe. By keeping and eternel war thta means keeps the job and the economy flowing ! We rely on war to save the collapse of our empire of debt !

Conclusion :

We see that all this complex story we just summarised here cannot be reduced to an academic paradigm, neural equation, or « cost effective solution ». « IDT » can be implemented more efficiently if it deals with the complex eco-system that is the ground and the root of this conflict. Behind this conflict there is no religion at all but only financial greed. We need more interdisciplinary approaches between thinkers like Chomsky and Edward Said did to give more understanding and human insight between people in this new interconnected and interdependent word.

The problem of America is America. It’s rooted deep in its archaic concept still prevailing : constructing constructive chaos ! We can see this in its presidential democracy being hostage of corporate and financial lobbying. Both Trump and Hillary are war mongers and there will be more horrific tragedy for the Middle East and backfires here in America.

It’s a pity that America don’t give a voice to its genius: Peace, freedom, economic prosperity, cultural magic of Hollywood, it’s universities, down town night life cities …  The hate relation has to switch to the genius of the love relation and sky is the limit!

We need a third voice like the one of Dr Jill Stein of the green party that will never prevail in a society where 1% owe 99% of the wealth. Greed is our true inside monster we have to deal with it as a human being before being American or Muslim or corporate.

I finish by thanking Dr. David Leffler for giving me the opportunity to give another insight in this bloody tragedy that human being and conscience cannot support.

Yours faithfully

Jamouli Ouzidane


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