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On Ataturk

Jamouli Ouzidane

I tried in a short time to have some glimmer on the life of Ataturk, this is my first impressions … the question that remains unclear for me ;

– Ataturk dictator ; the question remains unclear . He is a dictator in a sense that he needed authority to bring a horde of backward people, stuck in the traditions of the Sultanate and the Empire, into a modern society while the Arab used dictatorship to push their tribes to move more in the obscure world of fascist Islamic fanaticism. We can see clearly this in comparing the modern Turkey and the backward Saudis genocide although they had billions of dollars to modernize their buildings but not their spirits. Ataturk can be then remembered as a man of foresight and vision for the ONLY interest, prosperity and might of his own people !

– his way of acting was through interacting, explaining, counseling and never ordering, commanding or imposing. But when the decision is done, it would be implemented by authority.

this authority is needed just in the first step for any living organism! Democracy will come later on …

– In the international sphere, he made peace with his neighbors after years of bloody war.

– he was certainly needed in a specific space-time, but Turkey can’t build It’s OWN foundations forever in the same material; a foundation that remain unchanged for another space or time … even the prophets were given up by their disciples. We know now in science that an organism lives better in an adapting   body than in a crystalline structure that will experience catastrophic cracks failure when the charge exceeds its capacity. We are living now in a rapid catastrophic, complex and changing world to a path with chaos as a result of non adaption or even mutation of your organisms… the thought of Ataturk must adapt if it wants to survive …

– divining Ataturk as a man whatever his glorious past as a messianic savor of Turkey can be misguided. It’s the spirit of his ideas and not his ideas that Turkey and indeed the rest of the Muslim would follow. This is another model than the Arab wahabi backward and barbarian model that led the Arab world to genocide .

– Ataturk has created institution that has and will survive him; the Grand National Assembly and the Constitution ! This has made possible modernity, evolution and most of all stability. This magnificent systemic highly organized engine has been well working and Turkey and its people joined modernity with a strong-armed force, a strong modern education and an open culture to the world.

– The legacy of Ataturk is a strong antidote to the return to hell with the Islamic extremism. Turkey is now in a bifurcating cross road ; it should decide on the fate of it’s citizen and there is only two ways ; mutation with the spirit of Ataturk or extinction with the return of history !

Jamouli Ouzidane



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